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Company Search

Datalix Company Search allows you to query our database for websites based on Firmographic and/or Technographic data. For Firmographic data, you can find websites by metrics such as Country, Industry, Employee Size, Monthly Revenue, Alexa Rank, and Language. For Technographic data, you can search for over 200 technologies like Ecommerce platform, Marketing apps, Messaging apps, Customer Service apps, and more. You can even do combination searches. For example, show me websites running ShopifyPlus with Klaviyo and Gorgias, in the United States, and generating at least $10M a year in revenue. Results can be exported to CSV or pushed directly to your CRM (Salesforce or HubSpot).

Datalix Company Search

People Search

Datalix People Search allows you to quickly and easily find a single contact or multiple contacts, identify their email address and export the results to CSV or push the results to your CRM. To find a single contact, simply provide their First Name, Last Name, and company domain OR their LinkedIn profile URL.

Datalix People Search

Datalix provides several filters to search for Multiple contacts. Find contacts by Seniority (ex. C-Suite, VPs, Directors, etc.), Title or Keyword, Previous Company they worked at, Current Company they work at, the School they went to, the type of company they work for, if they are in your CRM, and more.

Analyzer & Chrome Extension

Datalix Single Analyzer, Bulk Analyzer, and Chrome extension provide real-time analysis of websites for Technographic, Firmographic, and Contact data. Users can submit a single website for analysis using our Single Analyzer feature or Chrome extension. To analyze multiple websites at once, use our Bulk Analyzer feature. Website lists can be imported via CSV or run as a Salesforce Report if you have your Salesforce CRM connected.

Once results are generated, they can be exported to CSV or pushed directly to your CRM (Salesforce or HubSpot).

Datalix Single Analyzer (real time website analysis).

If the website already exists in your CRM, Datalix will update it. If it does not, Datalix will create the new Account/Company record for you.

Bulk Analyzer can also be run to find duplicate websites within your CRM. Datalix will identify the duplicate records and will provide the user with the ability to open them up in separate tabs for review.

Datalix Bulk Analyzer (ability to analyze multiple websites in real time).


Datalix Monitoring provides the ability to monitor the addition or removal of one or more technologies from one or more websites. This is useful for Sales teams as they can chase after websites that have recently removed their competitors’ application or websites that have recently added a partners’ application.

Monitoring is also beneficial for Customer Success teams as they can create a monitoring alert that will notify them whenever their customers install a competitor application (thus putting their customer “at risk” of churn).

Datalix Monitor feature. Allowing a user to specify monitoring conditions for websites.

TAM Calculator

The Datalix Total Addressable Market (TAM) Calculator is a great way to calculate the potential revenue a new partnership can generate for your company. Simply select your existing customers or Top Target Accounts, specify the Technology company you are interested in potentially partnering with, enter your Annual Contract Value (ACV) and your Win Rate (i.e Opportunity to Sign-up conversion rate) and Datalix will automatically show you what your potential partner revenue will be, the estimated wins, and the anticipated new Bookings ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) you could expect to bring if you move forward with the partnership. It’s a great chart to share with Sales & Partnership Leaders to show them that you’ve done your homework to identify the right Technology company to partner with. And the best part, it’s free!

Datalix TAM Calculator

Partner Attribution

Partner Attribution is another great, complementary feature for Tech Partner teams. Partner Managers can pull in their Salesforce Opportunities or HubSpot Deals, assign Sourced or Influenced attribution to them, and specify who the Technology Partner was. Then, they can leverage our Reporting capability to generate several Partner attribution reports that they can share with their leadership team. This is a great way to track which Technology Partners are actually impacting your pipeline and new Bookings revenue vs those that just suck up your time on weekly or monthly calls.

Datalix Partner Attribution


Datalix Insights provides trending data on what the Top 10 technologies websites are running by Ecommerce platform. Technologies are broken down into several Top 10 categories such as Analytics, Advertising, Marketing, Affiliate and more.

This can be helpful to Marketing, Sales, and Partnership teams who wish to get a better understanding of which technologies/applications are popular amongst merchants who use a specific type of Ecommerce platform.

Datalix Insights feature. Giving users useful trending data across several ecommerce platforms.

Soon, Datalix will also offer the ability to see trending data by other factors such as Country, Employee Size, and Industry.


Datalix has an integration available for Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs. Users can connect their Salesforce or HubSpot instance, specify which objects should be updated or created (ex. Accounts or Companies, Opportunities or Deals, Contacts, etc.), and set up their Salesforce to Datalix or HubSpot to Datalix field mappings. Once completed, users will be able to push results from Search, Single, or Bulk Analyzer directly into Salesforce or HubSpot.

Datalix will also notify you if a website it analyzes exists in your Salesforce or HubSpot instance, including duplicate records (a great and handy way to clean up your CRM).

Datalix CRM field mappings. Datalix integrates with Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs.

Team Accounts

All Datalix plans have built-in Team Account capabilities. This means it’s really easy to invite team members to join your Datalix account and share credits. 🙂

Datalix Team settings. Datalix allows users to invite team members at no additional cost.

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