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Datalix Use Cases
So how can different Go To Market teams like Marketing, Sales, Partnerships, and Customer Success benefit from Datalix? Let’s take a look!


You have a list of accounts for an upcoming tradeshow or webinar and want to create an effective campaign.
How can Datalix help?
Datalix will analyze the account lists, identify the technologies they’re running (ex. Ecommerce platform, competitor apps, partner apps, etc.) and push the results right into your CRM so you can create a highly targeted campaign.
Datalix can also identify the contacts you should be reaching out and provide names, titles, emails, and phone numbers.

Market Research
You are trying to identify trends in the market. Which technologies are popular in which country? Which Ecommerce platform? Which Merchant size?
How can Datalix help?
Datalix provides real time trending data on popular technologies by Country, Ecommerce platform, Employee Size, and Company Revenue.


SDRs need a way to quickly identify which inbound leads to prioritize.
How can Datalix help?
Datalix can identify ecommerce platforms, Alexa rankings, competitor apps, or partner apps to help SDR quickly understand which leads are a strong ICP and should be contacted first (prioritized).

BDRs need to generate targeted & personalized messages in order to get more Opens and Replies.
How can Datalix help?
Datalix can source accounts that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in terms of tech stack (ex. merchants running ShopifyPlus in the US with 50 or more employees).
Datalix can also identify which partner or competitor technologies your target accounts are running. BDRs can then speak to those technologies and better communicate the value your solution provides.


Tech Partner Managers
Tech Partner Managers need better insight into which technology companies they should be partnering with and which ones to avoid. How can Datalix help?
Datalix can help Tech Partner Managers identify the top technology companies within their customer base, ICP, or top target accounts (aka Tier 1 accounts).
Datalix can also help calculate the bookings revenue a potential partnership can bring to their company, providing visibility and insight to its Leadership team.

Agency Partner Managers
Agency Partner Managers need to work closely with agencies to help them uncover opportunities where their company can provide assistance. How can Datalix help?
Datalix can help Agency Partner Managers share useful market/trend data on which technologies leading companies are using.
Datalix can also help Agency Partner Managers identify accounts that are not benefiting from an available integration. They can then bring this up to the Agency, who can communicate it’s value. Channel Partner Managers need to work closely with Channel Partners to identify

Customer Success

Customer Success Managers are constantly worried about Churn and NRR (Net Revenue Retention).
How can Datalix help?
Datalix can monitor your highest paying customers and notify you if they installed any of your competitor technologies (this becoming “at risk”).
Datalix can also monitor and notify you when your customer champions leave their company or join a new company. This can help identify the need to develop a new champion or it can create an opportunity to sell your company’s services to a new customer.

Agencies/Channel Partners / VARs / SIs

Agencies, Channel Partners, Value Added Resellers (VARs), and System Integrators (SIs) need to find accounts that can benefit from their products and services.
How can Datalix help?
Datalix can help Agencies, Channel Partners, VARs, and SIs quickly and easily identify accounts within their Total Address Market (TAM) that have a need for their product or service (ex. assistance upgrading a certain version of an ecommerce platform or integrating technologies that they are certified on).

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