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How to find websites running Magento (now Adobe Commerce)

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Magento (now Adobe Commerce) is an ecommerce platform designed for brands and retailers of all sizes. Originally founded in 2008, it boasts over 200,000 websites globally and is offered 3 ways: Open Source (meaning free but the user needs to install, configure, and host), On Premises (meaning users pay for Magento but need to host it on their own servers), or as a Hosted SaaS solution (aka Magneto Commerce Cloud). With clients such as HP, Marie Claire, and Asus, it is very appealing for Ecommerce SaaS companies, Digital Marketing Agencies, and System Integrators to target merchants running on Magento and offer their services. But how do you find websites running on Magento?

In this article, we’ll highlight 3 ways to find websites running on Magento:

Option #1 – Adobe Customer Success Stories

The Adobe Customer Success Stories webpage is a terrific source for finding out who some of the largest Magento merchants are.


  • Accuracy – you can be highly confident that these websites are running Magento
  • Simplicity – basic filters make it easy to find websites in a particular industry
  • Free – there is no cost. Who doesn’t like that?


  • Selection is limited – there aren’t a lot of Magento (Adobe Commerce) websites listed
  • Not portable – No way to export the results to CSV or to your CRM for prospecting
  • Missing data – No additional information about these websites (ex. additional apps or technologies they are running, number of employees, estimated revenue, etc.)

Option #2 – BuiltWith

BuiltWith has long been a source for many Ecommerce Sales and Marketing teams to find technographic data.


  • Large selection – BuiltWith claims to have data on over 673 million websites
  • Portable – BuiltWith offers multiple options to export website data from CSV Export to native integrations with popular CRM and Marketing applications
  • Data Rich – BuiltWith provides both Technographic and Firmographic data


  • Poor accuracy – unfortunately, many BuiltWith users know that its accuracy leaves much to be desired. Oftentimes, websites are identified with incorrect technology or old technology which is no longer running on the website. This can have a serious negative impact on Sales & Marketing campaigns.
  • Expensive – while BuiltWith has a large database, it’s not cheap to access it. Prices start at $295 per month and are limited in the number of technologies you can search for and users that can access its application. 
  • Search & Export is limited – are you looking for a way to search for websites running multiple technologies (ex. Magento and Zendesk)? You won’t find that capability with BuiltWith.

Option #3 – Datalix

Datalix is an emerging player in the Technographic space and provides features and functions for all Go To Market teams from Sales to Marketing to Partnerships and Customer Success.


  • Accuracy – Datalix prides itself on our accuracy. Not only do our Data Engineers meticulously fine tuning our detection algorithms, but we also refresh our entire database every month
  • Large selection – Datalix has over 1 million websites in its database and is growing daily
  • Data Rich – Datalix provides technographic data on over 200 Ecommerce SaaS applications as well as Firmographic data like Country, Employee Size, Industry and Revenue
  • Advanced Query capability – Datalix provides the ability to create complex technographic searches (ex. show me websites running Magento + Zendesk + Contentful)
  • Portable – Export website results to CSV or push them directly to Salesforce CRM (as new records or updating existing records)
  • Price – Datalix is very cost effective. Our plans start at $50 per month and do not restrict users to a limited number of users or technologies


  • New – since we’re new to the market, many companies have not heard of Datalix before, so building customer trust and loyalty will take time (but we’re up for the challenge!)
  • Limited integrations – we currently only offer native integration to Salesforce CRM. While we work on offering additional integrations, we ask our customers to leverage our CSV Export feature in the meantime

Although not as popular as they used to be, identifying Ecommerce websites running on Magento (Adobe Commerce) is still important for Ecommerce Saas companies, Full Service Agencies, and System Integrators. Whether it’s to identify merchants who fit their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), improve their outbound messaging, or find Technology Partners to work with, these companies can utilize any of the above options to help them with this request. If you decide to use Datalix, check out Free Trial and reach out to us via email or Live Chat with any questions. We’d be happy to help you out.

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