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Earn up to $5,000 for every customer you refer.

Datalix’s Referral program is an excellent way for Agencies, Sales Reps, Partner Managers or Brand Ambassadors to generate a passive revenue stream. Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Sign up for the Datalix Referral program and get your referral code.
Step 2
Promote Datalix to your network and share your Referral code.
Step 3
Customers sign up with your Referral code and you get paid each month (for up to 12 months)!

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

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Frequently Asked Questions
As many as you’d like! There is no cap or limit on the number of customers or the amount of referral commissions you can earn.
Yes. Datalix does need to perform some basic verification to ensure you’re a human being, are well intentioned, and can properly represent Datalix.
No! As long as you remain in our referral program, your code will be active.
No! Even if your referrals take months to become paying customers, it will still count as your referral.
We will send your commission via Zelle, Venmo, or Wire Transfer.
It totally depends on you and the platforms you are active on. Here are some tips:
  • If you’re active on LinkedIn or Twitter, recommend Datalix as a post or video to your network. Also, keep an eye out for posts asking about Sales Prospecting, Lead Generation, Job Tracking or Contact Data Enrichment tools and recommend Datalix as an option to explore.
  • If youre active on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, make a video about how Datalix has helped you or how it can be used. Feel free to tag Datalix for visibility.
  • If you’re active on WhatsApp or Slack groups, search for keywords that Datalix can help with (ex. Sales Prospecting, Lead Generation, Job Tracking or Contact Data Enrichment). Recommend Datalix as an option and include your referral code.
Feel free to contact us with any questions:

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