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How to find websites running Accesso

accesso (AIM: ACSO) is the premier technology solutions provider to leisure, entertainment and cultural markets. Our patented and award-winning technology solutions drive increased revenue for attraction operators while improving the guest experience. Our solutions add value to operators at every point of the guest experience with our technology facilitating the key points of contact with their many millions of guests. accesso is a public company, listed on AIM: a market operated by the London Stock Exchange. For more information visit: (PRNewsFoto/accesso)

Accesso offers an advanced e-commerce platform tailored for the leisure and entertainment industry. It streamlines ticketing, guest experience, and queuing processes for venues like theme parks and museums. With features like online ticketing, virtual queuing, and mobile apps, Accesso enhances guest engagement while optimizing revenue and operational efficiency.

Screenshot how to find it on the app:

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